• Rootles Dark Chocolate – Box of 12 – Vegan Friendly

  • Four packs of Dark Chocolate Rootles

    Rootles Dark Chocolate – Pack of Four – Vegan Friendly

  • Rootles Dark Chocolate – Single Pack – Vegan Friendly

  • Rootles Milk Chocolate – Box of 12

  • Rootles Milk Chocolate – Single Pack

  • Rootles Mixed Box – Four Pack – White, Milk & Dark Chocolate

  • Rootles White Chocolate with Beetroot – Box of 12

  • Rootles White Chocolate with Beetroot – Single Pack


Rootles Snacks were made because we wanted to create a chocolate treat that’s better for you than your average chocolate snack. We also know that ‘healthy snacks’ can get a bit boring, like raw bars and cereal bars. There had to be something in between!

We invented our first ‘veggie biscuit’ based on the idea from a Nottingham University Student and we saw a great opportunity to develop a product that eats like a traditional chocolate biscuit, but is high fibre and contains veg! Importantly, it had to be yummy and indulgent.

‘Calories per serving are my main driver, followed by all natural when choosing which snack to purchase’. Rootles snacks contain just 121 calories per pack, are made with natural ingredients, and are an excellent source of fibre.

Our new Rootles Dark Chocolate biscuits are vegan friendly too!

Milk chocolate

Crunchy biscuit sticks made with carrot and sweet potato, coated in delicious milk chocolate. Just 121 calories per pack and an excellent source of fibre.

Vegan Dark chocolate

Our same tasty carrot based biscuit, but coated in delicious dark chocolate with no dairy ingredients. Still 121 calories per pack and they contain over 35% veggies.

White chocolate

Deliciously Unconventional! Our white chocolate Rootles biscuits are baked with beetroot and sweet potato, and coated in yummy white chocolate.

deliciously unconventional

Our biscuits are made with carrots and sweet potato – we aren’t joking!

Over 35% Veggies

By making this snack with over 35% vegetables, these indulgent crunchy chocolate biscuits become filling and a high fibre treat. Rootles are loved by adults and kids alike.

Lower in Calorie

With 121 calories and only 5g of fat per serving our chocolate covered Rootles biscuits are lower in calorie than an average chocolate treat but equally as scrumptious. Deliciously satisfying guilt free indulgence.

No Artificial Colours & Flavourings

Our veggie chocolate biscuits contain absolutely no artificial colours and flavourings and are 100% palm oil free. All with no compromise on taste!

Baked with carrot and sweet potato

Our biscuits have some not-so-secret ingredients. Carrots (29%) and sweet potato (7%) baked into a delicious biscuit and coated in indulgent milk or dark chocolate – pick whichever you like, or try all three flavours!

Lower calorie. Lower sugar. higher fibre.

Our biscuits are lower calorie, lower sugar and higher fibre than many chocolate biscuit snacks that you’ll find in supermarkets. The result is a deliciously healthy snack that still tastes like a biscuit. They’ve been compared to many different snacks you already love – we think Rootles is unique but we’ll let you decide!

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Our Roots

From a carrot-crazed idea to a national product launch – anything is possible.