Spring is in the air, and with it comes the promise of lighter days, warmer weather, and hunting for chocolate eggs. Every year, the Easter Bunny delivers colourful, chocolate eggs to children around the world. So, with Easter on the way, we caught up with the Easter Bunny to find out why he’s trying new treats this year and why he loves Rootles as much as we do.

A hamper full of chocolate eggs… and Rootles.

1. Rootles are made from carrots!

Our tasty chocolate fingers are made from carrots! There’s nothing the Easter Bunny loves more than carrots and chocolate! As Rootles combine his two favourite things, they’re the perfect snack to munch on while preparing to deliver Easter eggs worldwide.

2. Rootles are healthier than Easter eggs

While he loves treating himself to an indulgent Easter egg, the Easter Bunny is looking for a healthier, but still delicious snack. Even the Easter Bunny can’t eat chocolate eggs all day! Here’s where Rootles save the day – Rootles are (much) lower in calories, sugar, and fat than even a small Easter egg. Half a small Easter egg contains on average 161 calories and 17g sugar, while a pack of three Rootles fingers contains only 121 calories and 6.2g sugar (White Chocolate)! An ideal healthy, Easter Bunny approved, treat!

3. Rootles are hop-proof – perfect for hopping between Egg Hunts!

Rootles can be enjoyed on the go, making them the perfect snack for the busy Easter holidays. Delivering Easter eggs to children around the world is a tiring task so the Easter Bunny needs to pack snacks for the journey ahead. Rootles’ handy finger shape makes them easy to eat on the go, compared to an Easter egg which can easily break and is difficult to store.

Rootles – a deliciously unconventional Easter treat!

4. Rootles make deliciously different Easter gifts

When we asked the Easter bunny about his snacking habits, we learned that he doesn’t usually step out of his comfort zone when it comes to Easter snacks. It may be a long-standing tradition to leave carrots out for the Easter bunny, but this year why not give a pack of Rootles as a thank you gift – we know he’d love that! While the Easter bunny loves the milk chocolate and carrot combo of our original Rootles, he’s also tried and tested our new flavour, White Chocolate and Beetroot. He recommends you try all three varieties to decide on your favourite!

The Easter bunny’s top tip? Rootles would be great additions to your Easter baskets and hampers.

5. Kids love Rootles as much as the Easter Bunny does!

Children love the taste of Rootles as much as we, and the Easter Bunny, do! They make great snacks to pack on days out this Easter for all the family to enjoy. The Easter Bunny likes making children happy at Easter, so he wants families to know how delicious Rootles are and how happy they make him on his snack breaks! Now with three varieties to try, there’s a Rootles for everyone. You can order our new White Chocolate and Beetroot flavour here or on Amazon.