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5 Reasons Why the Easter Bunny Loves Rootles

Spring is in the air, and with it comes the promise of lighter days, warmer weather, and hunting for chocolate eggs. Every year, the Easter Bunny delivers colourful, chocolate eggs to children around the world. So, with Easter on the way, we caught up with the Easter Bunny to find out why he’s trying new treats this year and why he loves Rootles as much as we do. A hamper full of chocolate...

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Cake or Biscuit? The Great Jaffa Cake Debate

The orangey, chocolatey treats have been under the scrutinous lens of snack enthusiasts for decades, asking the age-old question: is a Jaffa Cake a cake or a biscuit? Credit: Irish News (2017) Jaffa Cakes are in fact cakes Jaffa Cakes, made by McVitie’s, were first produced in 1927 and are made with a tangy orange jam, sandwiched between a layer of dark chocolate and a light sponge base....

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10 Tips for Healthy Snacking in 2022

Useful tips for healthy snacking can be hard to come by - snacking refers to eating between main meals, and it is playing a larger role in our eating habits than ever before. Research found that over 60% of consumers worldwide prefer to eat small meals throughout the day (and supplement meals with snacks), and people are looking for more unique snacks than in previous years. As we reach for a...

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Low-calorie Snacking: A Delicious Way to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions At least a quarter of people make at least one New Year’s Resolution every year. While many of us strive to cut back on spending and do our part to look after the environment, losing weight and healthy eating are two of the most popular resolutions this year. Let’s try to forget about the pile of leftover chocolates and biscuit selections from Christmas. As the clock...

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