Our Roots

We have veg in cakes, so why not biscuits? And then to make it completely different – lets add chocolate!

Lower calorie

Than many mainstream chocolate biscuit snacks.

lower sugar

But still tastes like a traditional chocolate biscuit.

higher in fibre

But it’s not a cereal bar – deliciously unconventional!

deliciously unconventional?

Boxes of Rootles in a store

Healthy snacks don’t have to compromise on taste, texture or include unrecognisable ingredients.

By combining great quality natural ingredients (such as carrots and sweet potato!) with baking expertise and a bit of eccentric creativity; we’ve come up with a range of indulgent, desirable snacks that offer a healthier and unconventional alternative to the traditional snacks.

Don’t believe us? Try Rootles out!


Rootles Milk Chocolate on the go

Our objective:

To create a chocolate treat that’s healthier than the ‘run of the mill’ chocolate snacks but isn’t a raw bar or cereal bar.

During a brainstorming session, one of the team suggested adding vegetables to biscuits – seriously? We have veg in cakes, so why not biscuits? We settled with carrot and sweet potato – the broccoli biscuits didn’t go down too well… And then to make it completely different – let’s add chocolate!

Rootles was born!

The best bit. It’s lower calorie, lower sugar and higher in fibre than many mainstream chocolate snacks, but still tastes just like a traditional chocolate biscuit.

Indulgent, healthy and clean label

There are lots of healthy alternatives out there like raw bars and cereal bars, but we don’t think it’s enough! So when a business student from Nottingham presented us with the original ‘veggie biscuit’ (it tasted like a traditional digestive biscuit) we saw a great opportunity to develop a product with a unique USP that gives you more choice for something more, indulgent, healthy and clean label.

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