Useful tips for healthy snacking can be hard to come by – snacking refers to eating between main meals, and it is playing a larger role in our eating habits than ever before. Research found that over 60% of consumers worldwide prefer to eat small meals throughout the day (and supplement meals with snacks), and people are looking for more unique snacks than in previous years. As we reach for a snack more often throughout the day, it can seem impossible to snack when you want to eat healthily. Here are ten top tips for healthy snacking to stick to your healthy eating goals while enjoying a snack or two – some of these might seem pretty obvious but they work!

healthy snack with healthy lunch
A healthy snack with a healthy lunch – our top tips for healthy snacking.

1) Have a snack!

The biggest cause of over-eating is under-eating. Studies show that going too long between meals causes a drop in blood sugar and sets off cravings, causing you to over-eat later on. Grazing between meals is a great way to prevent this and stay on track all day.

2) Keep healthy snack options in your cupboards

A cupboard full of healthy snacks – they don’t HAVE to all be Rootles…

Having a selection of healthy snacks already in your cupboards is important to ward off unhealthy snacking. A variety of options also prevents you from getting bored of the same snacks. With their healthy ingredients and great taste, Rootles will add variety to your healthy snack supply.

3) Aim to buy less unhealthy snacks each time you shop

Start small! It will feel difficult to completely cut out the snacks you know and love, so start with small steps to begin your healthy snacking journey. This can be as simple as buying one less unhealthy snack each week and replacing it with a healthier alternative.

4) Be portion smart

Portion your snacks to avoid eating a large number of calories in one sitting. Rootles are low-calorie biscuits that can be enjoyed throughout the day. Our top tip: with three biscuits per pack, portion your Rootles across the afternoon for a tasty snack whenever you crave a pick-me-up!

5) On the go? Take healthy snacks with you

Bringing snacks with you if you’re out all day is an easy way to avoid buying high-calorie takeaway options while also saving money – Rootles are great to take with you on days out for healthy snacking.

Snacking on the go – Rootles are perfect for healthy snacking.

6) Make healthy swaps

If you’re following a weight-loss diet, or prefer healthy snacks, you’ve probably been doing this already. For example, swapping ice cream for low-fat yoghurt or sweets for a handful of fresh berries. Struggling to find a low-calorie substitute for chocolate biscuits? Rootles make a great alternative to typical chocolate biscuits and we think they taste just as good!

7) Watch out for sugary snacks disguised as ‘healthy’

Many snacks now claim to be better for you – however, their claims often fall short. Cereal bars are typically packed with sugar, while healthier crisps are often just as high in calories as their regular counterparts. Rootles are true to their roots. Containing only 121kcal and 5.9g of sugar per serving, they are lower in sugar and calories than most mainstream chocolate snacks.

8) Avoid snacking because you’re bored

Research has found that snacking has increased due to more time spent at home during the pandemic, especially snacking when bored. A way to fight boredom snacking is limiting snacking when you’re on your computer, at your workspace or when watching TV. This brings your attention to eating, rather than mindlessly snacking while doing other things, and hopefully means you snack when you’re actually hungry.

9) Think about nutritional content

Rootles are high in fibre without being jammed full of unrecognisable ingredients and are baked with over 35% root veg! If in doubt, check the label for a breakdown of a product’s nutritional content, listed in a table or on the traffic light system.

10) Buy healthy snacks everyone can enjoy

If the people around you are also enjoying healthy, tasty snacks, you are more likely to as well! As Rootles are healthier for you but still taste indulgent as they are coated in chocolate, they make great snacks for all the family to enjoy! Why not pack some Rootles on your next family day out?

Summary of our top tips for healthy snacking

Share these tips with your friends and family for healthy, feel good snacking every day  – even if you start following just one of these tips it’s a step in the right direction. Rootles can be purchased directly on our website, or on Amazon. Try them out for yourself and let us know what you think!